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  • Have expertise in the core disciplines relevant to your career goals; SearchTech Consulting is a full-service recruiting, placement, and consulting firm focusing in Software, Hardware, R&D, and IT.

  • Increase your exposure to the marketplace.

  • Study and understand all facets of your technical skills and your motivation for pursuing your particular career objectives.

  • Represent you only in career opportunities in which you have expressed a keen interest.

  • Set your expectations properly. SearchTech Consulting is paid by the client to fill their key positions; therefore, we are not just looking for a job for you. Our policy increases the obligation of the recruiter to you. The task is twofold: to inform you when the client has no current positions that fit your qualifications; or to advise you when your aspirations are out of line with the market. This approach helps build trust in the business relationship. We communicate frequently with you, keeping you apprised of new opportunities when they become available.

  • Know the client's interviewing and decision making cycle and provide you with continual feedback of your progress during all stages of the interviewing process.

  • Coach you in interviewing skills.

  • Know and convey to you not just the job duties of the particular opening, but also the business, culture, and career advancement with the client, so that you can envision your full opportunity.

  • Become a ready resource to you for useful, timely information about certifications, educational tracks, industry trends, standards, and "best practices"; in project management, software engineering improvement and related areas.

  • Provide competitive compensation and benefits when the assignment is temporary or temp-to-hire.

  • Continue to work with you until your goals are reached.

We encourage you to contact us, whether to look actively for a position or just to keep an eye on what is going on in the market.

Submit your resume or call one of SearchTech Consulting's experienced recruiters at 408 402 5027.

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