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We partner with our clients; their vision becomes our own.

Our network of clients and candidates is deep and well developed. It is not enough in this role to simply sift through the resumes that come to see who might be "good enough" for a position. We engage our contacts to identify people who have the perfect skill sets, experiences and personalities to exceed the expectations of our clients. Those intangible qualities and the depth of each candidate come through in our exceptional relationships and thorough screening and interviews of our candidates to ensure that our clients and our candidates are meeting the right people to advance their businesses and careers. Synchronizing the candidate's objectives with the client's direction makes for a smooth ride toward success for them both.

We are more than just voices on a phone or names on a website. We meet our candidates and learn their objectives. We develop the kind of relationships with our candidates that allow us to guide them into positions that will help their careers grow. Finding the right person saves everyone time. Making the right introductions based on personal relationships grown from a foundation of insight and experience, not just resumes, is what sets us apart.

We invest the time to meet with each candidate individually, determine their career goals, assess their skills and abilitites, and talk to their references. We then present to you pre-qualified engineers, saving you valuable time. We manage the entire hiring process, including presenting and closing offers. Our succecss is dependent on your success of getting the right people on board.

We invite you to contact us to learn about our services. Allow us to assist you with your hiring needs, or to update you on current market and staffing trends and opportunites.

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