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SearchTech Consulting has assembled a core team with a comprehensive and highly complementary skill set. The team's collective professional experience is ideally suited for building an exciting, aggressive and client-focused company.

Farri Ouraie
CEO / Founder

Farri Ouraie has been a leader in recruiting engineers and executives for Silicon Valley since 1987. Her intuitiveness, visionary and problem solving capabilities have made her one of the top recruiters in the nation. Prior to launching SearchTech Consulting, Ms. Ouraie was EVP of Recruiting for Heuristics Search, one of the largest software-recruiting practices in Silicon Valley where she contributed to building and staffing early stage startups, which led to successful IPO's. Ms. Ouraie led Heuristics Search's practice as the company's top producer, consulting many well known companies in the Valley. Ms. Ouraie received her BS and MS degree at Louisana State University. Find out more about Farri on her Linkedin page.

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